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These Nobody’s Perfect tip sheet are full of information and activities for you and your young children.

Each section of the tip sheets below have 3 – 6 interesting sheets. They can be downloaded.

Multi-Lingual Fathers tip sheets


Understanding your child’s Temperament Arabic   Farsi    Hindi    Simplified Chinese    Traditional Chinese   Vietnamese    Spanish    Punjabi     Tamil


Screen Time  Arabic     Spanish   Farsi   Hindi    Punjabi     Tamil    Vietnamese   Traditional Chinese   Simplified Chinese

Dads role in Play  Arabic   Spanish   Farsi   Hindi   Punjabi   Tamil   Vietnamese     Simplified Chinese   Traditional Chinese 

Encouraging Literacy  Arabic    Spanish   Farsi   Hindi   Punjabi   Tamil   Vietnamese   Traditional Chinese   Simplified Chinese

Exploring the world around you  Arabic    Spanish    Farsi   Hindi    Punjabi    Tamil     Vietnamese    Traditional Chinese  Simplified Chinese


Be your child’s health coach  Arabic   Spanish    Farsi    Hindi     Punjabi    Tamil     Vietnamese    Traditional Chinese     Simplified Chinese

Building your child’s self esteem  Arabic    Spanish    Farsi   Hindi    Punjabi   Tamil    Vietnamese    Traditional Chinese    Simplified Chinese


Fatherhood in Special Circumstances  Arabic    Spanish    Farsi    Hindi    Punjabi    Tamil    Vietnamese    Traditional Chinese    Simplified Chinese

Your feelings after baby is born  Arabic   Spanish  Farsi    Hindi   Punjabi  Tamil    Vietnamese   Traditional Chinese    Simplified Chinese


Bullying  Arabic   Spanish   Farsi    Hindi    Punjabi   Tamil    Vietnamese    Traditional Chinese     Simplified Chinese


Keeping your children Safety Tip Sheets


Keeping your child healthy Body Tip Sheets


Building your child’s brain Mind Tip Sheets


Taking care of yourself as a Parent Tip Sheets


Ways to guide your child’s Behaviour Tip Sheets

Parent Resources

These parent resources are based on the Nobody’s Perfect parent program along with other interesting and useful links:

  • What’s wrong with spanking?  English   Arabic Translation   Simplified Chinese   and Traditional Chinese
  • Want to know about brains? Healthy Baby/Healthy Brain. Read more
  • Want to know about preventing childhood injuries? Watch this video
  • Want to know about safety? Check out the PARACHUTE website
  • Safe Sleep for your Baby Video
  • Because Life Goes On – Helping Children and Youth Live with Separation and Divorce.   For separating parents, a big question on their minds is often “how will this affect the kids?” Separation is a time of significant changes for children at any age. Download a Copy
  • What is child abuse? This booklet is for the parents or guardians of children. It talks about child abuse in families. It answers questions about the law on child abuse in Canada. It may also be useful even if you are not a parent, but you believe a child you know is being abused. Download a Copy

We are grateful to the Public Health Agency of Canada for the ongoing support of the Nobody’s Perfect program. The Public Health Agency of Canada is not responsible for the content of any external resource or websites.

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