Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are programs offered in my community? (Parents)
Nobody’s Perfect is delivered by a variety of community-based organizations across Canada. Most provinces/territories have a Nobody’s Perfect provincial/territorial coordinator who can provide you with the location and dates of the sessions being offered in your area.  You can also try contacting your local Public Health office or any other community-based organization that provides support to parents in your area. For more information, click on your province or territory page to contact your provincial/territorial coordinator or search Nobody’s Perfect Coordinator on Canada.ca
How do I become a Facilitator? (Facilitators)
Nobody’s Perfect uses a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach to training facilitators. The training program is typically offered through the Nobody’s Perfect provincial/territorial coordinators. Facilitation training provides information about delivering the program and develops skills for helping adults learn in group settings. For more information regarding the Nobody’s Perfect Program, its implementation, or facilitation training within your province, please contact your provincial/territorial coordinator. If there is no coordinator for your area, feel free to contact the closest province or territory for their training schedule
Is Nobody’s Perfect effective?
Yes, it is. Several major evaluation and impact studies have found Nobody’s Perfect to be successful at reducing isolation and increasing parenting skills and confidence. Nobody’s Perfect has proven to be an effective program for parents who have limited access to sources of help or information. The program is offered in a broad range of settings in every Canadian province and territory. Nobody’s Perfect is liked and used by many parents, including immigrant and Indigenous parents. Please refer to the Evaluation Section of this website for more information.
Where can I order the materials? (Facilitators)
The Nobody’s Perfect program is supported with a series of five parent books named Safety, Body, Behaviour, Parents, and Mind, as well as growth and development charts. These resources can be purchased by organizations or trained facilitators who offer the Nobody’s Perfect program from FRP Canada. Please order online at FRP Canada Publications. For more information on ordering the resources, please email publications@frp.ca or call 1-866-637-7226. In some provinces/territories you can order the Nobody’s Perfect parent booklets, from your provincial/territorial coordinator. Contact your coordinator to see what the process is in your area.

We are grateful to the Public Health Agency of Canada for the ongoing support of the Nobody’s Perfect program. The Public Health Agency of Canada is not responsible for the content of any external resource or websites.

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