Parent Information

Parent Information

Kids don’t come with manuals. We all need support sometimes

Join a Nobody’s Perfect Parenting group!  The groups are FREE and VOLUNTARY and are run by a trained group facilitator!

“I never felt judged at a Nobody’s Perfect Group”  

“Oh! Other people go through this!”  

“I thought I was the only one!”  “I’m doing OK!”


with other parents of young children (ages 0–5)


questions or concerns and ideas about being a parent


about child development, safety, health and behaviour


about real-life parenting experiences


together with the support of a trained facilitator


ways of positive parenting

To find a group near you go to your province or territory page. You can also try contacting your local Public Health office or any other community-based organization that provides support to parents in your area.

We are grateful to the Public Health Agency of Canada for the ongoing support of the Nobody’s Perfect program. The Public Health Agency of Canada is not responsible for the content of any external resource or websites.

“Nobody’s Perfect Parenting... support for moms and dads with children from birth to five.”

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